Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this document, contact details for enquiries about document application/interpretation, and a brief summary of changes between this and the previous version.

Program and Course Policy

Status Current
Effective Date 1st January 2024
Review Date 1st January 2029
Approval Authority Academic Board
Approval Authority - Admin Changes Senior Policy Advisor
Approval Date 4th December 2023
Expiry Date Not Applicable
Policy Author Sherman Young
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education
Policy Owner Sherman Young
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education
Enquiries Contact Academic Policy

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

The policy establishes overarching principles for all RMIT Group program and course offerings. It provides greater clarity for multi-sector operations (Higher Education, Vocational Education and Foundation Studies) and the RMIT governance board/executive accountabilities in the Program and Course lifecycle.
Key changes and enhancements:
- Requirement for award programs and courses to align with Curriculum Architecture (CA) Principles and RMIT Capabilities
- Recognition of RMITs commitment to providing equitable learning opportunities
- Recognition of RMITs global position that enables contextualisation of program offerings
- Alignment with international compliance frameworks
- Documents the responsibilities of executive leadership, Academic Board and sub-committees
- Adjustment of language to accommodate dual sector and RMIT Training and a substantial number of new definitions to align understanding across the RMIT Group
- Commitment to continuing academic oversight, monitoring, review and improvement in accordance with regulatory requirements
- Requirement for staff involved in program design to exercise discipline expertise, application of scholarly standards and meeting requirements of professional accrediting bodies

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