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Scholarships and Prizes Procedure

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Section 1 - Context

(1) The procedure details the requirements for the establishment and management of scholarships and prizes awarded by RMIT.

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Section 2 - Authority

(2) Authority for this document is established by the Scholarships and Prizes Policy.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) The procedure applies to sponsors, donors, students and RMIT staff involved in the establishment and management of scholarships and prizes within the scope of the Scholarships and Prizes Policy.

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Section 4 - Procedure


(4) Scholarships and prizes may be funded by RMIT, non-governmental donors or sponsors, Australian governments, governments of other nations, or a combination of these sources.

(5) If the scholarship or prize is ongoing, the costs of administration should not exceed the value of the scholarship or prize.

(6) A scholarship or prize may be rescinded if conditions have changed and it:

  1. no longer supports the mission, values or strategic direction of RMIT;
  2. is no longer financially viable; or
  3. represents a reputational risk to the university.

(7) If a scholarship or prize is rescinded:

  1. current commitments to recipients will be honoured but the scholarship or prize will no longer be awarded
  2. any uncommitted funds derived from a philanthropic gift will be managed by Philanthropy team
  3. uncommitted funds derived from non-philanthropic sources will be managed in accordance with the scholarship or prize agreement.


(8) Minimum requirements for establishing of scholarships and prizes are determined by the Scholarships and Prizes Committee.

(9) If the scholarship or prize is funded by external sources, an agreement is negotiated between the relationship manager and the donor/sponsor in accordance with the delegations of authority.

(10) Objectives and eligibility criteria must be clearly stated in the proposal for a new scholarship or prize.

(11) Endorsed scholarships or prizes are referred for approval in accordance with clause (7) of the Scholarships and Prizes Policy.

(12) If approved:

  1. the operational unit or Relationship Manager will advise the sponsor/donor
  2. a signed copy of the agreement will be distributed to the operational unit for administration and recorded in University customer relationship management (CRM)
  3. prizes will be recorded in the prize central register.

Selection and Awarding

(13) Scholarship eligibility criteria and relevant application information must be:

  1. published on the RMIT website and other channels as appropriate
  2. provided in accessible formats and in a timely manner.

(14) Scholarships and prizes will be awarded based on eligibility criteria and the application of agreed selection models documented by the responsible operational unit.

(15) Whilst responsible operational units have the final decision over all selection decisions, donors/sponsors may participate in the selection process as specified in the scholarship or prize agreement.

(16) To be eligible for a scholarship or prize a student must not have any overdue debts with RMIT.

Offer and Acceptance

(17) A scholarship may be offered to a current or prospective student but will remain conditional upon meeting eligibility requirements including enrolment at census date.

(18) A prize may be offered to a current student or recent graduate of RMIT.

(19) The offer of a scholarship or prize must include:

  1. terms and conditions
  2. value
  3. instructions and timeline for accepting or declining the offer.


(20) A recipient’s scholarship may be cancelled in accordance with the terms and conditions of that scholarship. The recipient will be notified of the decision and RMIT may reclaim benefits disbursed if applicable.

(21) Appropriate action will be taken if a recipient's circumstances change and eligibility is impacted, which may include cancelling the scholarship.


(22) Any personal information collected to support the selection process and management of scholarships and prizes will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

(23) Obligations to sponsors and donors will be managed in accordance with the scholarship or prize terms and conditions and agreement. In the case of philanthropic donations, the Philanthropy and Fundraising Policy will also apply.

(24) If the terms and conditions become impracticable to administer the agreement may be renegotiated. The renegotiation is led by the relationship manager in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

(25) The Academic Registrar will approve a schedule of achievement-based scholarships or prizes which may be listed on the academic transcript and the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) of the scholarship or prize recipient.


(26) Selection and ongoing eligibility for scholarships and prizes may be impacted by a record or finding of academic or general misconduct at RMIT.


(27) Operational units must submit an annual report in a format requested by the Scholarships and Prizes Committee. If the operational unit is a school the reports will be submitted by the college.

(28) The Scholarship and Prize Committee may request additional insightful information from operational units from time to time to assist with its governance and strategy functions.

Conflict of Interest

(29) Any actual, perceived and potential conflict of interest identified whilst engaging in this process will be documented and managed in accordance with the Conflict of Interest Declaration and Management Procedure.

Risk Management

(30) Portfolios and colleges are to conduct risk assessments and document and record potential impacts and mitigation strategies in accordance with the Risk Management Policy.