Statute and Regulations

Statute and Regulations

A statute is the primary legislative instrument that can be made by the University under the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Act 2010.

On 11 November 2013 RMIT Council approved the RMIT Statute for referral to the Minister and the RMIT Regulations.

The Minister for Higher Education and Skills approved RMIT Statute No 1 on the 28th January 2014. The Statute and the Regulations commence on their publication on the RMIT website. Previous statutes and regulations are rescinded or amended on publication.



RMIT Statute No. 01 (Amendment No. 2)



Academic Board Regulations

Academic Colleges Regulations

Academic Dress Regulations

Assessment, Academic Progress and Appeals Regulations

Awards Regulations

Elections Regulations

Honorary Degrees Regulations

Intellectual Property Regulations

Student Conduct Regulations

Titles Regulations