Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this document, contact details for enquiries about document application/interpretation, and a brief summary of changes between this and the previous version.

Child Safe Image Instruction

Status Current
Effective Date 6th March 2023
Review Date 5th July 2027
Approval Authority Chief Operating Officer
Approval Authority - Admin Changes Senior Policy Advisor
Approval Date 5th July 2022
Expiry Date Not Applicable
Policy Author Bridgid Connors
Chief People Officer
Policy Owner Teresa Finlayson
Chief Operating Officer
Enquiries Contact Safer Community team
+61 3 9925 2396

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

06/03/2023: Document republished with updated Approval Authority on the Status and Details page. No other changes were made from the previous version of the document.

The Child Safe Image Instruction details the conditions under which photographs, or video footage of children (persons under 18 years of age) can be used in print or electronic publications, other media, or collateral of the RMIT Group. Authority for this document is established by the Child Safe Policy. The policy is effective from 1 July 2022 (the effective date noted above is the date the policy was published in this Register).

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