Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board includes:

  1. Draft policies and procedures that are currently open for consultation/comment.
  2. Draft policy and procedure schedules that are currently available for comment.
  3. Policies and procedures that have recently been approved and/or came into effect in the last two months.

Please note: A document with the Protected Document symbol indicates it is password-protected and only available for comment by select individuals. 
All policy drafts that are password-protected and undergoing targeted consultation will later be made available for enterprise-wide consultation.
Draft documents should not be construed as approved documents nor relied upon in any way.

Policy consultation – your input is needed

Date posted: 29/2/2024

This year, several RMIT Group policies are under review and scheduled to be presented for approval to governance bodies by year-end, including the RMIT University CouncilAcademic Board and Vice-Chancellor’s Executive.  

As part of the policy review process, we require feedback across the RMIT Group on the proposed revisions.  


Your contribution is essential to the development of these policies to ensure they align with RMIT operations, areas and departments. Once approved, they will be in effect for the next five years, so it is important to ensure they are inclusive, clear and fit-for-purpose. 


Please reach out to the Central Policy team for any questions or feedback related to accessing the draft policy documents, and be sure to visit the RMIT Policy Hub (staff access required) for the latest staff policy news and resources.

Bulletin Board Postings

Document Title Date Due for Comment Document Author
Business Resilience Policy (Version 2 Draft 2)
3rd June 2024 Shweta Mangrole
[PROTECTED]Employee Lifecycle Policy (Version 2 Draft 2) 6th June 2024 Elizabeth Langton
[PROTECTED]Employee Probation Procedure (Version 2 Draft 1) 6th June 2024 Elizabeth Langton
Program and Course CRICOS Procedure (Version 1 Draft 1)
28th May 2024 Emma Osborne
Program and Course Professional Accreditation Procedure (Version 1 Draft 1)
28th May 2024 Emma Osborne
[PROTECTED]Responsible AI Procedure (Version 1 Draft 1) 28th May 2024 Jenny Peng
[PROTECTED]Workplace Adjustments Procedure (Version 1 Draft 1) 6th June 2024 Elizabeth Langton

Discussion Board Postings

Document Title Date Due for Comment Feedback Coordination
There are no postings to display.

Recent Approvals

Document Title Status Effective Date
Program and Course External Referencing and Benchmarking Procedure Current 8th May 2024
Sustainability Policy Current 6th May 2024
Research Costing and Pricing Guideline Current 11th April 2024