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  • Taxation ProcedureEnsures the University complies with all relevant tax laws in the countries of operation.
  • Third-Party Complaints ProcedureApplies to any third-party wishing to raise a complaint or concern about the RMIT Group.
  • Timetable ProcedureOutlines the management of teaching space, class timetabling and defines academic workload requirements for the purposes of timetabling synchronous teaching at RMIT, setting the overarching regulations for spatial use and coded of conduct of teaching staff.
  • Titles RegulationsThe purpose of these Regulations is to make provision for conferral of titles on persons who are associated with the University in a substantial way, including persons who are not employed or appointed to established or recurrent positions.
  • Transactional Banking GuidelineProvides guidance to ensure continuity of banking, receipt and payment services.
  • Travel PolicyProvides a framework for travel undertaken by RMIT travellers that maximises traveller safety, minimises risk and cost to the University, and fulfils RMIT's duty of care.
  • Travel Procedure - StaffProvides clear rules and responsibilities for travellers undertaking RMIT-funded travel across the RMIT Group.
  • Travel Procedure - StudentProcedure to provide clear rules and responsibilities for RMIT student travellers.
  • Travel Procedure Schedule 1 - Class of TravelSchedule 1 - Class of Travel.
  • Treasury Management ProcedureThis document provides the appropriate the mechanisms to ensure the compliance with the University Treasury Policy.
  • Treasury PolicyThis document provides a statement of the policies applicable to RMIT University and its controlled entities in respect to treasury activities and the management of financial risk.