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  • Refund of Fees ProcedureSets out the rules for refunding student fees.
  • Remission and Removal of Debt ProcedureSets out rules for remission or removal of debt under special circumstances.
  • Research Centres ProcedureOutlines the processes for the establishment, approval, administration, review and closure of Research Centres at RMIT.
  • Research Data Management ProcedureClarifies the guiding principles for, and responsibilities of researchers and others, in responsible management of research data including appropriate generation, collection, access, use, analysis, disclosure, storage, retention, disposal, sharing and re-use of data.
  • Research Funding ProcedureEnsures that the credibility of research findings and their interpretation, acceptance and implementation are not compromised by association with the tobacco industry.
  • Research Integrity Breach Management ProcedureOutlines how potential breaches of research integrity, including potential breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 (the Code) and/or RMIT Research Policy, are managed at RMIT University.
  • Research Involving Genetically Modified Organisms ProcedureEnsures safe and responsible research and teaching practices involving genetically modified organisms (GMOs) consistent with institutional policy, legislation and guidelines.
  • Research PolicySets out RMIT's commitment to research integrity and ethics.
  • Retail Management ProcessEnsures financial risks associated with retail activities are appropriately managed.
  • Retention and Disposal AuthorityA University-wide standard providing a single source and consistent set of rules for retention and disposal of RMIT electronic records.
  • Revenue and Expenses ProcedureRequirements for revenue and expenses recognition to ensure consistency and financial viability of the assessment for both revenue and expenses.
  • Risk Management PolicySets out the key principles and expectations to support the effective management of risks.
  • RMIT Statute No.1 (Amendment No.2)Provides for the organisation, management and good governance of the University.